One Goal: create great quality homes, that home buyers will love, while providing a great experience that everyone can feel good about.


Jordan Gregson, the owner of Grande Built Homes moved with his family to Grande Prairie in 2000. Since moving to Grande Prairie and surrounding area, his parents were constantly taking on small projects and renovations. Being involved with the construction he found a love for the process. 

His first job was in the home building industry as a sub trade, and over the last 10 years he has worked in various areas of residential home building. The majority of my time was spent in the service and warranty department. During these years he has learned as many construction practices as possible, while also working alongside homeowners. Jordan establishes healthy builder-client relationships while also delivering a great product and service experience.

He pairs his experience with creativity and drive to bring new, great quality homes to Grande Prairie. He aims to bring a fun loving, positive experience to every client while also ensuring that they are left with a home they will love for years to come.

When Jordan is not building houses, he is with my family as much as possible. His wife Jessica shares a common interest in designing spaces.  They believe that durability, and high quality materials are just as important as looks. Together they are constantly researching new products to incorporate into new homes to ensure they stay current with home buyers wants and needs.

Jordan's wife Jessica and his two daughters Peyton and Charlotte are daily reminders to be kind and have fun in everything he does. This is what Grande Built Homes wants for all of their Clients.


"I want Grande Built Homes to be a company that people know they can trust, and a builder that buyers love to work with."